Who we are

Babà Napoletani

Babà Napoletani ® di Mario Verde is a confectionery producer established back in 1978 in Vico Equense (NA) on the Sorrento Peninsula.

Since its inception, Babà Napoletani ® has always had one single philosophy: to produce exceptional confectionery for all tastes, using traditional methods and following the best, time-honoured Parthenopean recipes. Now with over 30 years of activity and experience under our belts, we at Babà Napoletani ® have never lost sight of our primary objective: to put the products of the Sorrento Peninsula, and Neapolitan confectionery in particular, on the map, with the passion and flair which have always been our trademarks.

That’s why Babà Napoletani ® products stand out among the rest: it’s not just a question of our wholesome, carefully chosen ingredients, but also a love of tradition and a respect for the classic recipes, a passion for what we do and a desire to tickle the taste buds of the most demanding of palates.

Among the many products on offer, you’re sure to find your favourite, whether it be our babà, the pride and joy of Parthenopean confectionery, limoncello or one of our various other delectable liqueurs, delicious fruit preserves, or dried fruit in chocolate or liqueur.

Babà Napoletani ® is a registered trademark. The one true original babà.

Babà NapoletaniBabà Napoletani Babà Napoletani