Babà Napoletani

Babà Napoletani

Prince of Parthenopean Patisserie, produced using a traditional recipe, with passion and an artisan’s flair.

Babà Napoletani - Limoncello

Il limoncello

Lemons, water and sugar from the sunny Sorrento peninsula, for a delicious and delectable liqueur.

Babà Napoletani - Delicacies

Le golosità

Dried fruit in chocolate or liqueur, and exquisite, fragrant preserves, all made exclusively from local produce.

Babà Napoletani - Semi-finished products

Semi-finished products

Plain Neapolitan babà. Whether or not you are a professional confectioner, this is just the thing for those who want to add a personal touch.

Babà Napoletani - Gift ideas

Gift ideas

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